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South Corridors and Cross Current Barge.

Drifting north toward the rockpile,
Looking down on the Mitzpah.

Then further north, to PC1109.

Dave, Pug, and Mike replace marker 101
on the top of the South Corridor's rockpile.

Marker 101 back in place.
26 47.269N   080 00.959W

Catching the next flight home...

Dave, Pug, and Mike mark south chimney rock
at Crosscurrent Barge.

Another mark nailed in place.
26 45.674N   080 01.255W

Tim takes coral growth photos for data
inside Crosscurrent Barge.

..while Biv records the photo number and location.

Turning traffic cones into reef markers.
Northeast jetty of Cross Current Barge.

"Pug, did you see where I dropped that nail?"

North of Cross Current Barge
looking south.

Dave and Pug watch divers
do fish count .

Fish ID station at NW corner
of Cross Current Barge.

Miller time.