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Royal Palm and Cross Current Barge.

Biv Watson with GPS flag on
the Upside Down Bridgehouse.
26 47.687N   080 01.049W

Lin Creel counts fish at
the Upside Down Bridgehouse.

Bob Deacy searches for his contact lens.

Photographer vs photographer
at Upside Down Bridgehouse.

Looking north to Knob Rock
at Royal Palm Reef.

GPS on Knob Rock
26 47.703N   080 01.056W

160' northward to the Jagged Wall

Jagged Wall GPS
26 47.730N   080 01.058W

Second Bridgehouse.
26 47.746N   080 01.054W

Pug swims to Chimney Rock
south of Cross Current Barge.

Fish ID station at Chimney Rock
26 45.674N   080 01.255W

Pug in position at Chimney Rock ID station.

Fish ID station off west jetty
of Cross Current Barge.

Joan Hourican in position on
West Jetty ID station

"Anybody home? It's the census man."
Chris Cannata on Cross Current Barge

Andrea Valerioti waits at the upline
NW corner Cross Current Barge.