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Sugar Sands Ledges and Princess Anne Wreck

Lois Madrid takes GPS data at Marker #15
on Sugar Sands Ledges
26 47.477N   080 02.700W

Bob Hersey counts fish at
Sugar Sands Ledges.

Marker #14 data:
26 47.468N   080 02.702W

Ben Harkanson videos an Angelfish

Bruce Wear flashes mapping semaphore
to Dave Gillings.

Dave wonders what the heck
Bruce is signalling.

Biv stares at both of them
in wonderment.

Bob Deacy doing fish count
on the stern of the Princess Ann

Zooming in, we see he's actually
doing a crossword puzzle

Matt Hoelscher tries out
his new hoseless regulator.

Phil Light stares incredously
at Matt's technological breakthrough

Hey Batman! Follow me to the batcave...

Wade Pemberton takes GPS data at
the bow of the Princess Ann.

Hey, What's that barracuda doing to my GPS!

"Sea Ya Later."