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North Corridors & Breakers

Wade makes up GPS data
at the stern of the Amaryllis.

Ben watches Sea Hunt
on his uderwater DVD player.

A hermit crab admires the
shells on the Reef Team's backs.

Matt Hoelscher looks for
"hermit crab" on the ID sheet.

Tim Fernan cleans the grave marker.
Wade moves in to take the GPS location.

Lois Madrid gets the latest hair fashion
north of Research Team Barge.

Bob Hersey blesses the fishes.

Dave Gillings pulls the hook
on a rare visit to North Corridors.

Hey, watch where you're pointing that camera!

Cheri takes photos to use on the next fish test.

Let's see. Redfin...no Redtail... no Redband....
This one ought to fool them for sure.

Besides Spadefish and Tomtates,
we find the rare Moire Grunt.

Mike captures the elusive and deadly Black Brotula.

His hands turn white as the venom begins to spread.


Credits:  Video stills by Wade Pemberton using a TRV900, red filter, ambient light.
Editing and captions by the Omnipotent Web Czar.