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Royal Palm Bridge and PEP

       Alien Culture
Lois discovers the alien spaceship. This looks like a missle launch tube.

Dave deciphers ancient hieroglyphics. Wade studies the landing gear.

Bill Flaherty asks "How far is that in inches...?"

      Aliens Discovered!

Alien or PBCRRT? You be the judge. Definitely alien.....

An Armored Thrasher attacks a team member. The Robot Patrol system booms the alarm!

Tai Fighters circle the group. "My God, there must be hundreds of them!!"

A heavy aircraft takes off...

      The Team Responds!
Lin and Bob call for the ray gun.
Bob Deacy calculates the range.

Bill Flaherty asks "How far is that in inches...?"

     To be continued..

Credits:  Video stills by Lois Madrid using TRV900 in Stingray housing.
Editing and captions by the Omnipotent Web Czar.