MV Castor
Physical Data
and Notes

by Dave Gillings.
May 20, 2006

Dive Notes:

Team dives this wreck from Lady Go Diver. We tie off on wreck and descend the dive ball line to the bow. Very strong surface current of 1.5 knots to North; below 60 feet the current subsides to about 1 kt to North. There is a thermocline at 78 feet, with 76'F below and 79'F above that depth. The wreck is pretty much intact, except the starboard midship hull is broken away to the west and flattened. It breaks about midway between the bow and wheelhouse and lies at about a 35'angle from the beam. Roof of the wheelhouse is also collapsed. 2- 100#, 2-200#, and 1-250# goliath groupers on wreck. Mappers also see 5 long-spine urchins (4 on stern and 1 on bow) along with several bluebell tunicates on wreck.

Physical Data


Air temp 80F
Wind from SE at 5-10 knots


1-2 ft. 


to the North at 1 knot


40 feet vertical,
40 feet horizontal at depth.

Max depth

88 feet.

Water temp

at bottom 76F

Time of Dive

Start: 4:24 pm
 End: 4:52 p.m.