Cross Current Barge
Physical Data
and Notes

by Dave Gillings.
July 15, 2006

Dive Notes:

This was second dive on this site this date and was a night dive. Team dropped in on the north hull of the barge because of the moderate current to the north. It took the divemaster two attempts to locate the wreck and tie off a dive float line with a strobe ligt at the bottom. Map team didn't see many fish, but several spanish lobster, 2 white-spined urchins, 1 diodema, and several Murex (2 were mating). Visibility was the distance of your light beam. The team had no problems with this dive, but it ended late and made for a very long and arduous day for team members.

Physical Data


Air temp 80F
Wind from SE at 5-10 knots


2-3 ft. 


to the North at 0.7 knots


30 feet vertical,
30 feet horizontal at depth.

Max depth

61 feet.

Water temp

at bottom 83F

Time of Dive

Start: 10:07 pm
 End: 10:38 p.m.