MG111 Natural Reef
Physical Data
and Notes

by Dave Gillings.
June 5, 2004

Dive Notes:

Current was moderately strong, especially at the surface. There was a thermocline at 30 ft with surface temp at 78'F and 75'F at the bottom. Map team finds benchmark stakes at 1,2& 3 and clean them off and then take GPS readings of their location. Map team didn't find #4, but other team members did. The stake was laying on the substrate having come out of the ground. Better reef relief is to north of the area of our benchmarks. Map team didn't see much of interest on this dive.

Physical Data


Air temp 84F
Wind from SE at 5-10 knots


2-3 ft. 


to the North at 1 knot


70 feet vertical,
75 feet horizontal at depth.

Max depth

71 feet.

Water temp

at bottom 75F

Time of Dive

Start: 10:29 a.m.
 End: 10:54 a.m.